c60 602: 01/15/11

In Playlists on January 15, 2011 at 9:15 pm


This week I’ve got a collection of uplifting pieces for you. There are so many great tapes in the world! Let’s do 2011 right. Here’s the playlist:


Sundog Peacehouse – “Sometimes I Still Think About You” Brosound [Digitalis; 2009]


Sundrips – Side A Basejumping at Cliff Clavin [Fadeaway Tapes; 2010]

Bryter Layter – Side B Imprinted Season [Arbor; 2009]

Brother Raven – “Speaking Whale from My Sea Canoe” Diving into the Pineapple Portal [Gift Tapes; 2009]

Benoît Pioulard – “Drowsy” Valley [FM Dust; 2010]

1958-2009 – Side A 1958-2009 [Ekhein; 2009]

Driphouse – Side A FM Radio ’10 [Agents of Chaos; 2010]


Infinite Body – “And for Me the World Was Made” From Now on We’re Weightless Here [Ekhein; 2010]


Click here to download this show as an MP3 file (54:07)



  1. another hit parade!
    thank you so much for putting all these shows together.

  2. Hi, any chance of a re-up of this one? GREAT site!

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