c60 601: 01/01/11

In Playlists on January 1, 2011 at 6:35 pm


For the first c60 of the year, I’ve got some great cold-weather pieces for you. Here’s to a 2011 filled with amazing tapes! Thanks so much for listening!


Kane Pour – Side B Wand in the Beak of the Yellow Bird [Housecraft; 2009]


Cloudland Ballroom – “Intro (3:27am)” Cloudland Ballroom/Sundrips Split [Fadeaway Tapes; 2010]

Mortuus Auris & The Black Hand – “Deeply” Sleep [Stunned Records; 2010]

Waterside Gala – “Wandering Away” On the Veranda [Colour Ride; 2010]


Dolphins into the Future – “Observations Through the Haloeline of the Worlds” The Music of Belief [Taped Sounds; 2009]

Boatmeal Reality – Side A New Wisdom for a New Age [Private Collection; 2010]

Joe Breitenbach – Side B Frigid Waters [Peasant Magik; 2009]

German Shepherd – “Pictured Rocks” For Gunde Svan [Sunrise Acoustics; 2009]


Click here to download this show as an MP3 file (46:42)



  1. Keep it up Brad!

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