c60 507: 09/11/10

In Playlists on September 12, 2010 at 1:12 am

This week’s show is a collection of loose, improvised pieces that are heavy on percussion. I’ve had some Internet problems lately, so I’m late getting it up, but I think you’ll enjoy the jams. Thanks for listening!

Shepherds – Side B Shepherds [Fuck It Tapes; 2006]

Forest Swords – “Hoylake Misst” Miarches [Leftist Nautical Antiques; 2009]

Gnod – “The Somnambulist’s Tale” The Somnambulist’s Tale [Sloow Tapes; 2008]

Sunburned Hand of the Man – Side A Locked / Loaded [Meudiademorte; 2007]

Racoo-oo-oon – Side A Mythos Folkways Vol. 5: Future Fusion [Night People; 2008]

Fight Spider with Spider – Side B Overjoid/Fight Spider with Spider Split [ Fast Geek Press; 2009]

Click here to download this show as an MP3 file (60:03)

  1. Looking forward to it, thanks!

  2. love that sunburned hand of the jackie chan

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