c60 502: 08/07/10

In Playlists on August 7, 2010 at 3:56 pm

Sorry for the delay! I’ve got the kinks worked out of my set-up now, so the shows should be a little more regular. Now, what you’ve all been waiting for: extended drones!

Futuresport – “Recycled Sleep” White Chimneys [905 Tapes; 2009]

Marble Sky – “Standing Still” Sway [Monorail Trespassing; 2009]

Kedamaian – Untitled Aghori / Kedamaian Split [Existential Cloth Recordings; 2010]

Deep Magic – Side B Soul Vibration [DNT Records; 2010]

Click here to download this show as an MP3 file (62:14)

  1. I jamming this one on Sunday morning as I pick up the house, drink tea, and do the dishes. It’s awesome. I’m glad you’re back and stronger than ever!

    Keep it up.

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