c60 404: 02/09/10

In Playlists on February 10, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Last night was crazy! I was featuring “song songs” – short songs with vocals, etc. – so I ended up playing a ton of tapes. This is a great sampler of a lot of the stuff coming out on tape that I don’t normally feature on the show. Here’s the playlist:

Vibes – “Understand This” You God It [Not Not Fun; 2009]

Cavedweller – “Everyone in the Neighborhood” Gone to Seed/Tape [Instincto Records; 2009]

Caethua – “To Be a Man” The Pleasures of Manhood [Night People; 2008]

Larkin Grimm – “Today Was Warm” After You Men Explode… [Sloow Tapes; 2006]

Velvet Davenport – “Lemon” Lemon Drop Square Box [Moon Glyph Tapes; 2009]

Charly “The City Mouse” Fasano – “Smiles That Go Ding” Whiskey Won’t Cure the Clap [Fast Geek Press; 2009]

A. Restrepo and the Other Siblings – “North Platte Trauma Center” Paranormal Activities [Green Tape; 2009]

The N.E.C. – “Digging” Is [Double Phantom; 2010]

Blank Dogs – “Spinning” The Fields [Fuck It Tapes; 2008]

Sic Alps – “Texas Is the Right State” Teenage Alps [Animal Disguise; 2006]

Hanging Coffins – “Karkadann Thirst” The Black Plague in Mono, Vol. 2 [Jerkwave; 2008]

The Wrecks – “Punk Is an Attitude” Eat Skull Split [Palto Flats; 2007]

Best Coast – “Angsty” Where the Boys Are [Blackest Rainbow; 2009]

Arch M – “Cat Grave” Mountain Tan Commercials [Cavern; 2008]

Ducktails – “The Mall” Ducktails II [Future Sounds; 2008]

Black Vatican – “Hey Do It” Zed Omega [Night People; 2007]

Lateral Hyetography – “Some Girlzzz” Some Girlzzz [Really Coastal; 2008]

Click here to download this show as an MP3 file (53:24)

  1. Nice change up! Killer set.

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