c60 115: 04/28/09

In Playlists on April 29, 2009 at 4:47 pm

The single channel tape deck saga continues! It sprung up on the Theo Angell track, but I managed to avoid it for the rest of the night. There were so many good jams going down – what a great night. Thanks so much to everyone who supports the show! Here’s the playlist:


Koi Pond – “Ink Lloyd” Volcano [Night People; 2008]


Plankton Wat – “Of Darkness and Shadows” Alchemy of Darkness [DNT Records; 2008]

Theo Angell – “Raining with People Outside” First Recordings [Really Coastal; 2009]

Emeralds – Side B The Overlook [Wagon; 2009]


Wagon Tongues – “White River Baptismal” Shadowrock Destroyer [Not Not Fun; 2008]

Acid of All Ruins – “Three Pilgrim” Holiday [Full Spectrum; 2009]

Marble Sky – “Bell Ringing Softly” Sway [Monorail Trespassing; 2009]

NASA – “Side B, Track 3” Bummer Daze [Not Not Fun; 2008]


Click here to download this show as an MP3 file (55:21)


  1. […] Acid of all Ruins C20 was recently featured on c60 Radio Thanks to Brad who played hosts this awesome show consisting of music from cassette tapes […]

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