c60 113: 04/14/09

In Playlists on April 15, 2009 at 6:43 pm

I had Derek Rogers, one of my favorite local artists, on the show this week. He brought some classic cassettes as well as some of his newer jams. He covered a ton of ground and the show turned out really well. Here’s the playlist:


Al Qaeda – “[0525]” Al Qaeda / Derek Rogers Split c30 [Middle James Co.]

Noveller – “Rainbow” This Heat Will Melt the Earth [Baked Tapes

Boredoms – Side A Boretronix 2 [Self Released]


Derek Rogers – “Blood Thinner” Al Qaeda / Derek Rogers Split c30 [Middle James Co.]
Last Exit – “Line of Fire” Cassette Recordings 87 [Subharmonic]


Derek Rogers – “Part 3” Triox Gymnopedies I Lent et Doulour [Scotch Tapes]

The Dead C – “Power” Trapdoor Fucking Exit [Precious Metal]

Gate – “Forced Sight” Metric [Precious Metal]


Thurston Moore – “Love” Free Love [Throne Heap]

Andrew Coltrane – Side A DMT Shadow [Digitalis Limited]


Click here to download this show as an MP3 file (55:16)


  1. I really dug your guest, I thought the tracks played were real “choice”. I hope that Mr. Rogers will make many more appearances on the show, and continue to inspire more artists. It is nice to be on another level listening to radio, like radio should be listened to.

  2. amazing show. the past 6 or so have been off the chart on good vibes and general righteousness. you’re setting a new standard for radio shows that focus on marginalized artists.

    keep it up!

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