c60 103: 02/03/09

In Playlists on February 4, 2009 at 9:40 pm

I was really pumped to crank out some new (to me) stuff for this show, along with some classics. I’m still having trouble getting my new recording set-up down, so I had to redo this one at home as well. Hopefully by next week we’ll get that stuff ironed out! Here’s the playlist:


The North Sea – “Demixes Fabio Orsi” Far & Wide [Digitalis Limited; 2008]

Bob & Barbara – “Dutch Church” Bob & Barbara [Business Deal Records; 2008]

Strange Water – Side B Environments [Arbor; 2008]

Uneven Universe – Side B Nightcrawler Walls [DNT Records; 2008]

Wet Hair – “Electric Annihilation” Tour Tape 2008 [Night People; 2008]

Blood on Tape – “In Sea” Blood on Tape [Softland City; 2008]

Topaz Rags – Side B California Ash [Not Not Fun; 2008]


Click here to download this show as an MP3 (46:47)


  1. 00:00 The North Sea – “Demixes Fabio Orsi”
    08:00 Bob & Barbara – “Dutch Church”
    09:24 Strange Water – Side B
    17:00 Uneven Universe – Side B
    18:20 Wet Hair – “Electric Annihilation”
    28:07 Blood on Tape – “In Sea”
    35:22 Topaz Rags – Side B

  2. dawg !
    is it ok with you if I make a design for c60 stickers? I’ll give ya tonz. I’d love to have some shirts too. I’ll work on that if that ok.

  3. keep it up! love this stuff
    check out natural snow buildings tape set, analog concept 2cs box, blank realm “street bananas”, super minerals bonus cs and Tunnels of Sequin Trials cs that was a bonus tape with the last tryst Haunt 7″ series

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