c60 102: 01/27/09

In Playlists on January 28, 2009 at 10:03 pm

Another wonderful week of tapes! The kids from XYX came by to talk about their new project, Penetración Cosmica, and we had a lot of fun. Make sure to check out the premiere of their way cool music at the the end of the show. Thanks to everyone who has sent tapes and thanks for listening! Here is the playlist:


Oneohtrix Point Never – “Ruined Lives” Ruined Lives [Young Tapes; 2008]


Brave Priest – “No Blood” Precious Summers [Stunned Records; 2008]

Axolotl – “Ur” Split c30 with Infinity Window [Sick Head; 2008]

Pipeline Alpha – “Nagalfar in an Icier Lull” Darking Lights of Mazil [DNT Records; 2008]

Astronaut – “Empty Pyramids (All Talk)” Split c30 with Family Battle Snake [Digitalis Limited; 2008]


Penetración Cosmica – “Penetración Cosmica” Penetración Cosmica, Vol. 1 [Penetración Cosmica Tapes; 2009]


Click here to download this show as an MP3 (52:53)


  1. Here’s the song breakdown:

    01:34 Oneohtrix Point Never – “Ruined Lives”

    11:29 Brave Priest – “No Blood”
    15:43 Axolotl – “Ur”
    27:40 Pipeline Alpha – “Nagalfar in an Icier Lull”
    29:20 Astronaut – “Empty Pyramids (All Talk)”

    47:23 Penetración Cosmica – “Penetración Cosmica”

  2. great show Brad! I loved the Brave Priest slice

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