c60 015: 12/09/08

In Playlists on December 11, 2008 at 1:15 am

Hey friends! There were a few technical difficulties last night, but the jams shone through! I forgot to mention that this is my last show for the semester, but c60 will be back with all sorts of new tapes in early January. Thanks so much for listening and caring, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season! Here’s the playlist:


Lilypad – Side A Capacitor [Wagon; 2008]


Dolphins into the Future – Untitled 7 Mountains Saturnus [Pluim; 2007]

Pulsating in the Eye and Vision – “Land” Family [Sloow Tapes; 2007]

Mudboy – Untitled Summer of Saucers [DNT Records; 2008]

Andrew Coltrane – Side A Marrow Pyramid [Middle James Co.; 2008]

Emeralds & Dilloway – Side B Under Pressure [Hanson Records; 2008]

Treetops – “Covered Up” Flannel [Arbor; 2008]


Oneohtrix Point Never – “Ships Without Meaning” Ruined Lives [Young Tapes; 2008]

Taiga Remains – Side A Glass Estuary [Monorail Trespassing; 2007]

Derek Rogers – “Divisive, Discordant” Calculated Messes [Tired Trails Collective; 2008]


Click here to download this show as an MP3 (56:31)


  1. That Oneohtrix Point Never tape is bitchin’! Been playing it over and over. Good Eye of the Dolphin selections too.

  2. i love your mixes! keep it up, dont stop 😉

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