Lateral Hyetography – Some Girlzzz

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Lateral Hyetography

Some Girlzzz

Really Coastal; 2008


I was handed this tape by our music director without an envelope or any idea where it came from. The J-card wasn’t much help either, as it gives more information about the layout and cover model than the band itself. And it isn’t just any kind of tape – it’s a cassingle! I truly had no idea what to expect when I put this in my deck.


The A side rumbles out of the gate with a really nice hollow Casio beat. Jagged guitars accompany some sunny, overdriven vocals before the whole thing is overtaken by a repeating, distorted guitar figure. Feedback and guitar squall weave in and out, taking the track to the edge of falling into freeform guitar-noise orgy, but it is pulled back by the the incessant beat that anchors the entire track. As it constantly morphs between the structured, vocal driven sections and these guitar freakouts, “Some Girlzz” is able to include the characteristics of two types of bands putting out tapes today: the chaotic exploration of noise tapes, with the punch and power of weird punk/shit-gaze. Because of this constant oscillation, the track never gets old.


And that’s a good thing, because the B side is an acoustic version of it. With the layers of distorted guitar stripped away, this version reveals the intricacy of the vocal parts that were hidden on the A side. Here, scat vocals replicate the guitar improvisation and fluttering flute lines replace feedback squeals. “Some Girlzzz” is taken to it’s sunshiny extreme and the results are glorious.


This cassingle is short and sweet, and I honestly still haven’t gotten tired of it. It’s sold out, but make sure to keep an eye out for a longer form relase from Lateral Hyetography.



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