c60 006: 09/30/08

In Playlists on October 6, 2008 at 10:07 pm

Sorry for the extreme delay! I had some issues with the recording, but everything is sorted out now. Kevin of Blood on Tape and the Softland City label joined me and brought along some fresh tapes of his own. There are good jams all over this one!


Here’s the playlist:


Wet Hair – “Blood Spirits” Irifi [Night People; 2008]

Mark McGuire – “Curling” Guitar Meditations [Wagon; 2008]


Blood on Tape – “By Design” Blood on Tape [Softland City; 2008]

“V” – “The Holy Cupboard” We Are Crossing Fences through Rocky Fields [Housecraft Recordings; 2008]

Stefan Kushima – Side A Unseen Rising [Sound Holes; 2008]


Black Vatican – “Now You’ve Been Told” Zed Omega [Night People; 2007]

Cyquoia – Side A, Track 2 Cyquoia [Housecraft Recordings; 2008]

Magic Lantern – Untitled (Live) At the Mountains of Maddness [Not Not Fun; 2007]


Deerstalker – Untitled 3-Way Split [No Horse Shit & Peasant Magik; 2007]


Click here to download an MP3 of the show (56:49)


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