c60 005: 09/23/08

In Playlists on September 24, 2008 at 11:13 pm

Another positive night of tapes. Thanks everyone and enjoy!


Here’s the playlist:


Blank Dogs – “The Crystal Ladies” On Two Sides [Fuck It Tapes; 2008]

Sic Alps – “Texas Is the Right State” Teenage Alps [Animal Disguise; 2006]


Attar Cups – Side B Attar Cups [Sloow Tapes; 2007]

Blood on Tape – “Feelin’ Fine” Blood on Tape [Softland City; 2008]

Throbbing Gristle – “Very Friendly, Pt. 2” Best Of…. (Volume 1) [Industrial Records; 1976]


Steve Hauschildt – “Cybernetic Inevitable” Rapt for Liquid Minister [Arbor; 2008]

Caen – “Gifts” The History of Your Immediate Surroundings [Monorail Trespassing; 2007]

Jonas Broberg – “Figuré” Kling Klang Salad [Konduktör Rekords; 1985]

Vapor Gourds – Side B Dagger Magic [Yeay! Tapes; 2008]

Wet Hair – “White Strobe Void” 08 Tour Tape [Night People; 2008]

NASA – Side A, Track 1 Bummer Daze [Not Not Fun; 2008]


Click here to download an MP3 of this show (55:34)


  1. love the show. keep it up.

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