Plankton Wat – Alchemy of Darkness

In Reviews on September 2, 2008 at 1:05 am

Plankton Wat – Alchemy of Darkness

DNT Records; 2008


On Alchemy of Darkness, Dewey Mahood of Eternal Tapestry takes us on a sloshy, interstellar ride filled with waves of wah-ed out electric guitar. Bringing to mind some of the acid-bluesy explorations of Matt Valentine and the electric ripples of Tom Carter, Mahood has crafted an album that is as simple as it is otherworldly.


The first side starts slowly with tentative, measured guitar figures that are slowly bathed in reverb, becoming more and more prolonged as they begin to overlap. These gorgeous overlapping ripples begin to take on an edge, with a slight bite of distortion keeping the whole mess from drifting off into the ether. Continuously refracting into gorgeous peaks and valleys, this wonderfully long first side is finished off with more steel string guitar bathed in ambience.


As the jams on the second side of Alchemy of Darkness rock and sway in the waves trailing from Mahood’s ever-spacey guitar, the dreamy mood that makes this tape so wonderful becomes comforting and warm. With such gorgeous execution and flow, Alchemy of Darkness becomes one massive, droning meditation that won’t be leaving my tape deck for a good while.



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