VA – Mash Mansum

In Reviews on September 1, 2008 at 8:38 pm


VA – Mash Mansum

DNT Records; 2008

This is a really diverse compilation of DNT artists with everything from the tangles of Shearing Pinks free-jazz chaneling “Trusting the Forest” to the scuzzy chug of Hunting Lodge’s “Waiting for the Bus.” While the emphasis of the compilation seems to be on bands with pounding tribal rhythms, some of the more interesting contributions are short bursts of straightforward garage rock like the barely minute long “Aerobic Fuck” from a seemingly a unknown band called The Sticks. The highlight of this tape for me though, are the two tracks contributed by Neck Hold. Coming out of nowhere with funky, distorted tribal drums and blown-out saxophone skronk, I was immediately reminded of the rawness and intensity of Black Eyes side-project Mi Ami. This is a killer, succinct compilation that hipped me to several bands that I need to find more stuff by quickly!



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