The Nevari Butchers – Arms and Everything Else

In Reviews on August 27, 2008 at 2:59 am

The Nevari Butchers – Arms and Everything Else

Hanson Records; 2008


As I just moved into a new apartment and don’t yet have a shower curtain, I’ve been taking a lot of baths recently. Last night, as I sank into the warm water, I slipped the newest Nevari Butchers tape into my stereo. In a bit of universal connectivity, the tape starts with the sloshes and gurgles of a warm bath. Soon, deep bass drones emerge from the sounds of water and rusty metal scrapes begin to surface (presumably made by the wheelbarrow listed on the tape’s instrument list). As the a-side progresses, Dilloway’s demented tape loops anchor the violent clangs and scrapes of some nightmarish scrap yard. 


The B side is slightly more subdued, with some clear tones emerging through a mixture of field recordings, radio static,  and a less frantic clanging. The tape ends at its most rhythmic with a looped bass throb gliding the tape towards its completion. Dilloway and company manage to masterfully evoke the mood of a hellish, demented factory, creating an atmosphere so thick and murky that your pruny fingers will never want to hit the stop button.



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