Jeremy Latch – Love Letters for Everybody

In Reviews on August 27, 2008 at 2:45 am

Love Letters for Everybody

Jeremy Latch – Love Letters for Everybody

Yeay! Tapes; 2007


Having never heard of Jeremy Latch, when I put on his cassette I had prepared myself for some sort of power-electronic, harsh noise album. And I was right, but only for a few seconds. Latch’s classic Yeay! Tapes release begins with a tumultuous feedback drone that is suddenly put under the critical eyes of a pair of eight-year-old kids. After a few minutes of discussion over what the sound on the tape actually is, they settle on “alien whale.” And things only get more strange. Clips of decomposing tape noise are intermingled with outsider folk improvisations and on-the-street field recordings. Throughout the tape, strangers are encouraged to tell jokes or sing songs, resulting in some inexplicably transcendent moments. This level of utter weirdness could only be fully executed on an unmarked cassette tape and it is this kind of experimentation and mystery that inspired me to start this radio show.



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